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Tow Away in Saskatoon

Parked Car Removal and Tow Away Services in Saskatoon

For property owners and parking lot owners in Saskatoon, nothing is more frustrating than people using their private property to park without permission. It doesn’t matter how many signs you put up or how clear you make them—people will still take advantage of you. Your only choice? Find a towing company who can remove those illegally parked cars off your lot and out of our life!

In Saskatoon, Affordable Towing Inc offers punctual, efficient, and reliable towing services for business and property owners. We believe that you should have control over your property, even if your business isn’t open. That’s not so complicated is it? So if you’re having problems with people illegally parking on your property, contact Affordable Towing Inc today!

Why Hire a Parked Car Removal Service?

To create a welcoming space for your clients and customers, it’s important to make sure your parking lot is not filled with random cars. This applies after hours just as much as during opening hours. Having an empty parking lot informs customers that your business is closed. And, in the same way as keeping your business clean and free of trash, maintaining an empty parking lot after hours tells your customers that you mean business. It shows that you want to create an inviting place that is interested in the right kind of business.

Plus, there’s the problem of loitering. If people can park their cars overnight, there’s a greater likelihood of troublemakers on your property. It could spill over into your business or could cause you problems with your insurance company.

Can a Private Company Tow a Car When the Property Owner is not Present?

Yes! This is the whole point. Many drivers believe that if a parking lot is attached to a business, and that business is closed for the evening, they can park in the lot. That means ignoring the private property signs. Ignoring the tow away zone signs. Ignoring the ‘for customers only’ signs. The fact is, your property is your property. When people park without permission, it is the same thing as parking in your driveway.

Would you let someone park in your driveway without permission? No. We didn’t think so.

Affordable Towing Inc’s tow away services will keep your parking lot free of unwanted guests while you’re off enjoying life. We will keep tabs on who is using your parking lot after hours. If we notice that someone is illegally occupying your parking lot, we’ll remove their vehicle immediately.

24/7 Tow Away Services

You’re too busy running your business to observe an empty parking lot all night. Let Affordable Towing Inc do it for you. We offer towing services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That means during or after business hours we’re ready to tow away illegally parked cars.

We tow all vehicles to the lot located at 150 Jonathan Avenue, Saskatoon. If anyone inquires about their towed cars, please ask them to visit the lot or double check the Saskatoon municipal website for more information at:

For all other inquiries please don’t hesitate to give us a call!