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Parking Enforcement in Saskatoon

Are you a property owner in the Saskatoon area? If so, you’ll know the importance of keeping an empty parking space or spaces open to accommodate your clients or tenants.

At Affordable Towing Inc, our specialties extend beyond just towing. We’re pleased to provide Saskatoon residents with dependable parking enforcement services.

We’ll routinely monitor your lot, ensuring that no vehicles are parked illegally or for an extended period.

We can help your commercial property remain safe and inviting, no matter what time of day or night.

In addition to our exceptional customer service, we offer competitive pricing as well as complimentary quotes for our services.

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Parking Enforcement Services Saskatoon

Parking enforcement is a tedious job, but it is necessary for many reasons. It keeps municipal and privately-owned commercial lots free of unwanted traffic and obstructions.

When you hire Affordable Towing Inc for parking enforcement, you’ll be working with a company with extensive experience and knowledge of parking law and legislation. We monitor your parking lot regularly, adding it to a 24-hour patrol route. Unauthorized vehicles will be promptly towed away and removed. Parking tickets, as well, will be administered as needed.

Affordable Towing Inc’s dedicated specialists are familiar with all aspects of parking laws and legislations. We ensure that your lot stays cleared and ready for service.

If you’re a landlord, we enforce parking and ensure your building’s parking lot stays clear and accessible. Abandoned vehicles will be towed away safely and efficiently. We use only the latest vehicles and equipment to ensure safe towing.

For business owners, we ensure that vehicles parked in your lot are complying with specified rules and outlined regulations specific to your lot. Any unusual activity will be immediately reported to you. Parked cars or trucks that have been left unattended will be promptly ticketed or towed away.

For the most reliable parking services in Saskatoon, reach out to the team of professionals at Affordable Towing Inc. We look forward to keeping your parking facility in good working order!

Parking Enforcement and Towing

If a vehicle within your parking lot is parked illegally, the experts at Affordable Towing Inc will promptly proceed with the administration of a ticket. Depending on how long the vehicle has been parked, towing may be required.

We will swiftly remove unwanted vehicles from your parking lot, freeing up lost space. Our modern, powerful tow-trucks and secure impound lot ensure dependable service.

In our parking enforcement services, we patrol patiently and without missing anything. Your business or property can count on the security and reliability provided by our round-the-clock parking patrol.

Affordable Towing Inc oversees all aspects of parking, including accessible and wheelchair parking, private and public lots, and parking legislation. Our customer service is exceptional, and we offer superior reliability and promptness.

To learn more about our towing and parking enforcement services, reach out to the experts at Affordable Towing Inc today. One of our representatives would be delighted to assist you!

Parking Enforcement in Saskatoon

Have you been blocked into your Saskatoon home by an illegally parked vehicle? Maybe you’re sick of your property being used for parking by people who want to save the five dollars for private parking? Or perhaps, you are worried that a vehicle that has been stationed near your Saskatoon home has been abandoned and may be tied to illegal activity. If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to call us at Affordable Towing Inc. today and let us get to work on doing what we do best.

With a wealth of experience in all aspects of parking enforcement, the dedicated team of professionals at Affordable Towing Inc can guarantee that your property, street or neighbourhood is protected from the annoyance of illegally parked vehicles. So, if you want to make sure that your Saskatoon home is as safe and secure as possible, then you need to call us at Affordable Towing Inc right away. We promise, you won’t be disappointed.

A Caring Customer Service

While parking enforcement is often viewed as a punishing exercise specifically aimed at generating revenue at the expense of local motorists, the fact of the matter is that the real function is centred around customer service. At Affordable Towing Inc, our priority is to ensure that the residential and commercial customers we serve are protected from the hassle of illegal parking. For us, our service is all about the protection of parking spaces for motorists who are obeying the law and doing the right thing. So, if you are a compliant motorist who always purchases parking permits, respects time limits and only parks in the appropriate places, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about. However, if you fail to do any of these things, then you will most likely come into close contact with us.

The simple fact of the matter is that people who readily ignore these regulations displace, inconvenience and even endanger those who do the right thing every single day. This could affect your ability to get to work on time or may mean that you are late for an important doctor’s appointment, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Careless drivers who fail to comply with parking regulations can also take advantage of parking spaces reserved for disabled motorists, while also blocking driving aisles and preventing the efficient delivery of important services. These transgressions go beyond the mildly inconvenient and can actually end up affecting the safety and efficiency of operations of everybody from normal motorists to ambulances, firetrucks and other members of the emergency services.

Commercial Parking Enforcement in Saskatoon

If you’re a Saskatoon small business owner—so are we! And we at Affordable Towing Inc know how difficult it is to keep your eye on the ball season after season. With payroll to manage as well as quarterly targets (to say nothing of taxes), there are so many priorities as a small business owner that it’s easy to let go of the little things, like locals violating parking laws by illegally parking in front of your business.

Parking Management Solutions for Your Business

The fact of the matter is that illegal parking can be a serious detriment to your business— especially if there are repeat offenders.

Your rights and responsibilities as a small business owner include coming up with solutions to these sorts of problems. Towing isn’t about being mean to potential customers. It’s about making sure that everyone has fair access to both your business and the surrounding area, especially customers with disabilities.

In fact, illegal parking in accessible parking spots is the most common violation of local parking laws we deal with. By calling a certified parking management company to deal with complaints and problems, you ensure professionalism for your business and also make the roadways a safer place.

Why Parking Enforcement Is So Necessary

When it comes to parking enforcement, a misperception exists that this work is carried out in order to be as irritating and annoying as possible to motorists in Saskatoon and the surrounding area, but honestly, this is not the case. At Affordable Towing Inc, we take our work very seriously and that is why we go to such great lengths to make sure that our parking enforcement processes are as fair and equitable as possible. We never seek to punish motorists unfairly and will only ever enforce parking standards when requested to do so by a concerned member of the public. Even then, we will always make sure to assess the situation carefully before making a call on how best to proceed.

Thanks to this approach, we have been able to forge meaningful relationships with residents and commercial clients alike, who have come to rely on our service when they need a parking enforcement issue resolved. On top of that, we see our work as being in conjunction rather than in competition with municipal transport management, and we always do our utmost to liaise with local parking wardens to ensure a safer and fairer Saskatoon for all. With this in mind, and given the many questions we receive about what we actually do, we would like to take this opportunity to paint the clearest picture possible about what out parking enforcement service entails and how it may end up benefitting you.

Let’s face it whether through us or municipal parking enforcers, people resent getting tickets and, as a result, have formed quite a negative opinion of parking enforcement based on this fact. However, the reality of the situation is that parking tickets only apply because motorists have failed to comply with the very obvious rules that are in place. And whether we care to admit it or not, these rules are in place for a reason. It is very easy to become defensive about this issue, but the simple fact of the matter is that parking enforcement means the rights of all motorists and road-users are respected, rather than those who act most aggressively.

For instance, without parking enforcement, you could be placed in a situation where you and your friends or family were trapped in your driveway and unable to leave even in a time of an emergency because of an illegally parked car. Similarly, if you happen to live close to a football stadium or concert venue, you could see your designated parking space taken over by those who are just passing through for the day. This may seem like a minor inconvenience but when it happens over and over again, it really can become quite frustrating. Thankfully for honest motorists like you, that is where a reliable parking enforcement company like us comes in.

When it comes to parking enforcement, the important thing to remember is that it is not our job to punish honest drivers—instead we are simply here to make sure that all road-users in Saskatoon have the same access to our roads.

Don’t Wanna Be the Bad Guy? Call Us Instead

If your landlord installed unsightly scaffolding for several months in the front of your restaurant, you would bet that your business would see a slump. And we at Affordable Towing Inc bet that you wouldn’t put up with it without at least making some noise.

And yet, many business owners, eager to avoid conflict, do not deal with illegal or incorrect parking in front of their buildings, which can be as disruptive to vehicle and foot traffic alike.

If you’re caught in a position where you need to have some hard conversations with a regular client or neighbor who refuses to park anywhere but directly in front of your loading door, give us a call. Affordable Towing Inc provides towing service as well as other parking management solutions for your business.

Insured and Certified

If a situation arises at your business and you need parking enforcement, the last thing you want is accidental damage to your business or the offending vehicle. We’re experts in handling these scenarios with the finesse they require—it’s why we’ve been one of Saskatchewan's top parking management companies since our incorporation.

We are fully insured and compliant with all municipal parking and towing regulations. We don’t back up our promises with our words, but with our wallets too. That’s a low-risk solution for whatever situation arises.

Parking Management Solutions for Your Business

We’re a parking management company that puts our clients’ best interests first. And that means responsible towing service that ensures you’re well within your rights as a Saskatoon business owner when it comes time to make unpleasant decisions.

Give us a call. Let us surprise you with the relief we can provide when you no longer have to deal with managing parking and access for your business.

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If you want to make sure that your property or adjoining area is protected from the inconvenience of illegally parked cars, then you need to enlist the services of Affordable Towing Inc today. Our skilled and dedicated team of parking enforcement professionals take what they do very seriously and will never cut any corners in the pursuit of parking perfection.

What to Do if Your Car Has Been Towed in Saskatoon

Did you park in a tow zone to ‘run inside for just a minute’? Did you accidentally misread a no parking sign? Did you park in a closed business’s parking lot?

In other words, did your car get towed? It can be frustrating, scary, and maddening to have your car towed. Especially when it’s unexpected. At Affordable Towing Inc, we understand that. But as they say, the law is the law. As a licensed towing company in Saskatoon, it’s our job to make sure that people are not illegally parking on private property.

So what happens if your car gets towed in Saskatoon? Where does it go? How do you get it back?

Where Does Your Car Go When it Gets Towed?

Vehicles that have been towed in Saskatoon get taken to the impound lot. The impound lot is located at 150 Jonathon Avenue in Saskatoon. It’s open from 8 AM to 7 PM from Monday to Friday and from 11 AM to 4 PM on Saturdays. It is closed on Sundays and on all holidays. You have 30 days to get your car back, so it’s important to act fast!

How Do You Get Your Car Back From the Impound Lot in Saskatoon?

Getting your car out of the impound lot is relatively straightforward. First, you will need to pay all your outstanding parking tickets. This needs to be done within 30 days from the day your car was impounded. You will also have to pay the cost of the towing, which is usually between $100 to $200. On top of that, there’s the impound fee, the daily storage fee, and an administration fee. It’s not cheap, let’s put it that way. None of these charges are negotiable.

Effectively, your car will be held as collateral during that period. If you fail to pay the outstanding parking tickets and other fees, your car might be sold at a public auction or scrapped for spare parts to pay for the unpaid fines. Also, note that cash payments are not accepted at the impound lot. You must pay with debit or credit.

If you have other questions, give us a call in Saskatoon at (306) 382-4329.

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We are Saskatoon’s leading parking enforcement company. Our services are affordable, reliable, and trustworthy. We’ve been serving the business owners, institutions, and private residents of Saskatoon for many years.

If you have a problem with an unauthorized individual or organization parking on your property, call us straight away. If you need regular, scheduled parking enforcement on or around your Saskatoon property, give us a call. Our parking enforcement services are an affordable way to manage and protect your private property.

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