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Flatbed Service in Saskatoon

If you are looking for a tow truck company that provides flatbed services for larger vehicles, look no further. Affordable Towing Inc offers the finest flatbed towing services in the Saskatoon area.

Whether your all-wheel automobile has left you stranded, or you are simply looking to tow transport your truck a great distance, our team can assist you. Offering swift and insured services for incredible rates, we are here for you.

There are many tow truck companies out there—but only we can give you the service you need. Request our services by calling 306.242.4869.

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The Next Wave in Flatbed Towing

It’s never too hard to find a traditional tow truck company. Finding a trucking company that can tow a large vehicle to safety, though? The likelihood of that isn’t so great. Thankfully, you can always count on Affordable Towing Inc. Rather than traditional tow trucks, we rely on flatbed tow trucks. Whether you need to transport an all-wheel-drive vehicle to safety, or you need to have to ship a company car across the province, Affordable Towing Inc. can help you. With years of experience in the trucking industry combined with affordable rates and first-rate drivers, our services can’t be beat. To hear more about our flatbed services call us today.

Saskatoon’s Best Flatbed Towing Service Company

When your car or truck breaks down, or you need to transport the company car across the province, you need a towing company you can rely on. You can’t just put your trust in a trucking company with no reputation and no qualifications. You need a flatbed company with years of experience servicing the people of Saskatoon and beyond. Affordable Towing Inc is Saskatoon’s most dependable and reliable towing and roadside assistance company. We aspire to leave our competitors in the dust when it comes to speedy and reliable service. Moreover, with our fleet of flatbed tow trucks, we can get you where you need to go, no matter how much you’re bringing with you. Our flatbed trucks are spacious, versatile, and handled by the most professional drivers in Saskatoon. Everyone on the Affordable Towing Inc. team is licensed, insured, and fully equipped to handle any situation.

The need for a reliable flatbed towing company sometimes comes unexpectedly. Thankfully, Affordable Towing Inc. is available 24/7. It doesn’t matter what time of day you need flatbed service, we can help you.

Often you most need the services of a towing company in an emergency situation involving your vehicle. It’s crucial you work with a company that can care for your car or truck properly without causing extra damage or can handle moving dangerous or Hazmat goods on a short-haul basis. For whatever you need flatbed towing for, Affordable Towing Inc is here to provide prompt and professional service.

Are you unsure whether your item can be towed by our flatbeds safely? Call Affordable Towing Inc. today to find out!

Comprehensive Towing Company

We are proud of our tow trucks and flatbeds. They’re state-of-the-art, they’re serviced regularly, and they’re only operated by the finest drivers in the industry. That said, we don’t think we should stop there.

We want to give you and all our clients more than that. We want our clients to be as pleasantly surprised the fifth time they request us as the first time they contacted us. More than anything, we want them to know we value their patronage.

Upfront and Accurate Quotes

Sometimes clients require immediate assistance. In moments like that, both clients and flatbed drivers can forget to discuss pricing and service rates. Rest assured, we never forget to offer an accurate quote on our services. Before we come to your aid, you’ll know the cost of our services.

Guaranteed Fast Turnarounds

When you call us due to a vehicle breakdown or another matter requiring immediate assistance, you will never have to wait long. We promise a rapid response to those who request our services. Whether you are on the side of the road or stuck in your parking lot, we will be there to help you.

Clients who call us are not just customers—they’re our fellow community members. We try to remind ourselves of the bonds of our community at the start of every workday.

Around the Clock Availability

Automotive troubles rarely arise at a convenient time. Sometimes, a vehicle stops in its tracks at the break of day. Other times, the truck’s engine fails in the dead of night. No matter the time of day, we will help you. All you have to do is contact us, and we will be there. With our fast turnarounds and 24/7 service, you’ll never have to wait long for assistance.

Our Flatbeds Protect Your Vehicle

A poorly operated tow truck can compromise the integrity of an unsuspecting motorist’s vehicle. Between our flatbed tow trucks and the drivers operating them, you will never have to worry about your vehicle. We get trucks from Point A to B without even adding any mileage to the truck.

With our flatbeds, we won’t have to drag your vehicle by the engine hood. Instead, your vehicle’s four wheels will be resting on the flatbed itself. Over the course of the vehicle’s journey, it will be safe and securely fastened to the flatbed.

Flatbed Towing Service Versus Regular Towing

If your car breaks down on the side of the highway leaving Saskatoon and you need immediate roadside assistance, our flatbed tow truck will be there as soon as we can. This isn’t just a promise, either. Companies like Affordable Towing Inc. don’t get far on promises. Rather than promising positive outcomes, we go a step further. We provide our clients with positive outcomes. This commitment to customer satisfaction is precisely what sets us apart from the other companies on the road today.

Flatbed towing is superior to ordinary towing service because your car is left resting on all four wheels, just as it would typically be. The traditional hook-and-chain model can easily cause damage to your front bumper or engine hood as the car or truck gets transported. If your vehicle only has all-wheel-drive, it also requires the assistance of a flatbed truck. All-wheel-drive vehicles must always be towed with all wheels off the ground to ensure the safety of the transmission and other important components. Rocks and other debris from the road can be kicked up onto the front of your vehicle, chipping it and causing unsightly damage that you’ll be on the hook for.

The flatbed towing model avoids this problem entirely. The flatbed service keeps your vehicle’s wheels off the ground and protects the underside of the vehicle from damage. It also removes any pressure from your car’s suspension system, by supporting it adequately on a platform that can handle its weight.

Flatbed towing is also much faster than the traditional dolly or hook-and-chain towing method. Your car or truck needs merely to be driven onto the platform. Your driver will then secure your vehicle and get it where it needs to go. There’s no need for complicated setup or hoisting the car onto its front two wheels. Your vehicle’s suspension damage will be free from harm, and the vehicle will be ready for transport!

If your vehicle is heavier or larger than average, then flatbed towing may be the only way to go. Traditional hook-and-chain tow trucks are not able to tow vehicles of a certain size. If you are operating a service vehicle, such as a cement or recycling truck, hiring a towing company with a flatbed tow truck is the correct choice.

Flatbed services like Affordable Towing Inc. is also the preferred method of towing for most high-end car dealers and owners of show cars. If they’re relying on flatbed towing services, that’s saying something!

Get Transparent Pricing for Tow Truck Services

At Affordable Towing Inc, we recognize that price plays a role in the decisions made by our clients, and that is why we are very happy to be able to provide you with high-quality towing services at competitive rates.

Not only are our rates great, but we will always provide you with a quote for the total cost of the service before we get started.

The price of the towing service will depend on the size of your vehicle and the distance that needs to be traveled. If you have questions regarding our pricing, or if you want to get an estimate for a towing service today, be sure to reach us by phone or email.

Trust Our Professional Towing Experts

When it comes to transporting your vehicle, safety is the number one priority. Lucky for you, our expert team has been working in this industry for many years. We have the skills and experience necessary to get your vehicle securely attached to our flatbed and safely transported to the desired location.

Our team is consistently trained on the best methods and techniques for safe and reliable towing, to bring you better services each day.

Moreover, we realize that having to tow your vehicle does not always happen at the most convenient times. Our towing experts are friendly and accommodating. We will provide you with the support you need to get you and your vehicle to a safe location on time and on budget.

Where Can I Find Reliable Flatbed Towing Service Near Me?

While there are many towing services in the Saskatoon area, they’re not created equally. It can be hard to know which flatbed service to choose when you’re looking through the list of many companies in the area.

Look no further than us. Affordable Towing Inc’s company ethos is right there in the name: we strive to provide affordable towing service to residents of Saskatoon no matter where they’re going or what their budget restrictions are. The people of Saskatoon aren’t just our clients or customers, they’re our fellow community members. We keep a small but well-maintained fleet. But we are by no means limited in our capacity to help you. Because we don’t have the overhead costs the large companies do, we pass those savings on to you.

However, where we excel is in our rapid and responsive service. This quality of customer service is unmatched in the flatbed towing industry. We aim to be by your side within the hour when you give us a call. So pick up your smartphone and save our number in your contacts list for emergencies, or write it down on a piece of paper and leave it in your glove compartment. For fast and affordable flatbed towing services, call us today!

What to Expect from Our Flatbed Towing Service?

Affordable Towing Inc is proud to have become one of the most trusted and relied upon flatbed towing companies in Saskatoon and the surrounding areas. Our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction is built upon a series of promises that we strive to uphold every day.

When you enlist the help of our expert team, you can expect:

When it comes to finding a flatbed tow truck company that will go above and beyond to not only meet but exceed your every expectation, trust our experts.

Saskatoons Premier Towing Services

Community members in and around Saskatoon utilize large machinery and vehicles in their everyday operations. Whether you are the proud owner of a tractor, a trailer, or commercial truck, if you find yourself in a bind, you’ll need a heavy-duty towing service you can count on.

Affordable Towing Inc is proud to be able to provide highly reliable flatbed tow truck services. When you find yourself stranded on the side of the road, or if you simply wish to move your vehicle from point A to B, safely, our professionals are at your service!

When it comes to the overall safety of your vehicle, don’t settle for less than the best, and that is our professional team.

Dial 306.242.4869 for more information or to request a service.